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  • How will my child learn about God?
    At Woodland Academy we have Bible Study each day. We sit together and study the BIble, pray, and sing and even recite Bible verses. We talk about the "Get-To's"...we talk daily about how the the Bible tells us we get to love God and love others. We do this through praise, prayer, worship, and study.
  • My child is a picky eater. What kinds of foods are served at meals and snacks?
    Meals and Snacks Woodland is known across NWA for the terrific meals and snacks that are served. We serve meals and snacks that sophisticated pallettes enjoy. Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are served daily. Our kitchen is licensed as a restaurant quality facility and we choose to serve foods that meet your expectation and more importantly, Cheryl's expectations! Morning snack typically includes a protein and carb while lunch is a full, delicious meal. At lunch we offer entrees like grilled chicken with fettuccini alfredo, baked potato bar, or homemade vegetable soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. Every meal is delicious and children LOVE our do our teachers! Our meals focus on healthy meats--grass fed beef, antibiotic free chicken, organic fruits and vegetables. Many of fruits and veggies are home grown and come right out of our own garden. We strongly encourage our families to eat healthy unprocessed foods to help your child grow into all that he planned for your child. Eating from the outer portions of the grocery store...fresh meats and veggies and fruit are best. Processed foods are filled with excessive carbs, high sugars, unhealthy oils and more. You can count on us to support your healthy nutritional goals for your child.
  • Will my child learn letters and numbers in preschool?
    The short answer is YES ABSOLUTELY! Our highly trained, expert certified teachers will observe and assess your child. Once observations are completed we create a plan of action to begin helping your child embark on a path to learn skills to help him prepare for Kindergarten. We use a developmental approach that helps your child propel across his continuum of learning. This approach helps him to learn naturally, instead of introducing skills too early and creating stress for your child. Our highly skilled teachers know the "just right approach" much like Goldilocks and the just right porridge.
  • Does my child have to have toilet learning mastered to move to the Pre-K wing?
    The simple answer is no. Toilet learning is a development skill that is learned at different times for each child. Your child's timeline is different than that of another child. We believe that it is critical that we partner with you to scaffold your child during this critical developmental milestone. We believe that waiting to begin until MANY readiness signs are consistently seen along with offering positive, integrated throughout the natural happenings of the day and strong home/school communication are key to success for your child.
  • How is tuition deducted from my account?
    Weekly tuition is deducted on Fridays for the upcoming week of care. We only use ACH deductions for all fees. Supply Fees are deducted at the beginning of October and February each school year.
  • What are the hours that care is available?
    7:30 am--5:00 pm We are open from 7:30-5:00 each day. There is an early arrival option of 7:10-7:30 am. Children may attend for 9.5 hours each day. Any time beyond 9.5 hours will be considered extended care and will be billed accordingly. Why do we limit the amount of time in care? Time in care is limited so that we may better serve your family. 9.5 hours is a long time to be away from mom and dad. Children often struggle being at school for longer periods and begin to show separation anxiety. Additionally, to offer the cleanest and safest environment for your child, we need time to prepare the environment. Cleaning and sanitizing materials and surfaces require time, attention to detail and hard work. We want to be sure we have the capacity to provide excellent care and an exceptional environment for your family.
  • I saw that children have lots of messy experiences. How should I dress my child?
    We encourage children to dress comfortably in clothing that can be ruined. We use real materials and engage in real life experiences...painting with acrylics, splahing in the mud and molding real earth clay...are so important for your child and we would hate to ruin a favorite or special outfit. We encourage families to buy inexpensive clothing or wear hand-me downs. Often times, Woodland kids wear special outfits/shirts for holidays. We refrain from messy activities on those days. Each child should also keep extra clothing in his cubby and a pair of rainboots to wear on the playground.
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